Self Love in Every Way

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Self Love in Every Way 

Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. 

Friday - Sunday, 10/25/24 - 10/27/24

Orlando, FL

This weekend retreat is for women of color who put everything and everyone on their task list. This retreat will challenge the implicit biases that put ourselves last while learning ways to nurture ourselves. We will explore the 4 pillars of holistic health: Mind. Body. Heart. Soul. Join us for an enriching experience of owning who we are and rewriting our narratives! 

Why attend this retreat?

This Self Love Weekend Retreat is designed to help individuals learn and practice self love in every way. With a focus on activities and exercises, participants will leave feeling more confident, empowered, and nourished. Develop a stronger relationship with yourself and improve overall well-being.

If you’re a woman of color who is focused on everything and everyone, and wanting more for yourself. More Joy. More Success. More from your Relationships. More Love. More Connection. Then this retreat is for you. This retreat will help by: 

  1. Understanding self-love and what it means to you 
  2. Learning how self-love is a powerful healer and connection to everything you want for yourself
  3. Understanding how your emotions and body are guides to moving through your journey of self-love, worthiness and purpose 

This retreat is for you if: 

  1. You find it hard to take up space 
  2. You’re putting other people’s needs before your own 
  3. You feel a mess on the inside 
  4. You feel disconnected from yourself 
  5. You find yourself completing tasks to prove your worthiness
  6. You thought you knew what you wanted, but still feel lost 

By the end of this retreat, you will: 

  1. Have increased awareness of your emotions and your body, and how to tap into them in your journey of increasing your self-love
  2. Make connections and gain support from other women of color 
  3. Walk away with personalized steps of how to increase your self-love, self-worth and sense of purpose in your life
  4. * deposit is nonrefundable