More Than A Mother E-Course

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A Guide to Rediscovering Yourself. This is a course for mothers who have ever felt:

  • Exhausted
  • Overwhelmed
  • Guilty
  • Loneliness
  • Hopeless
  • Lost
  • Resentful

Whether you are a new mom or your children have left the home, you ARE more than a mother. Many women have communicated to me that they love their children and their family life but they are struggling to integrate their former self and who they have become as a mother. Many feel they have lost a sense of themselves in motherhood.

This 4-week course is designed to build your confidence during what may seem like a standstill moment. Through self-paced, written activities, and interactive videos, you can expect to finish the course with a clearer outline of your needs, desires, and goals in your role as a mom.  Start today and begin implementing simple concepts to produce long lasting change.

By the end of four weeks you will:

  • Learn how you got off track
  • Define what motherhood looks like for you
  • Identify ways that you feel most fulfilled
  • Action oriented plan to cultivate balance in your life
  • Reconnect with your creativity
  • Develop a realistic self-care practice
  • Cultivate a calm, peaceful experience in everyday life
  • Learn to focus your attention on what your needs are