Testimonials From Our Clients & Students


Client 1: “If you are doubtful or nervous regarding therapy, Brittini is an excellent choice. Her approach is practical, gentle, and most of all effective. She knows what works and truly has a gift for helping people recognize and conquer emotional challenges, even the most long-standing ones with straightforward techniques. 

I had always doubted therapy and previously had negative experiences with mental health professionals, but I was at the end of my rope and decided to give therapy a chance. Right at the start, Brittini gave me the skills to cope with daily challenges. We used cognitive behavioral therapy to work through a number of things so I understand my own behavior and reactions at a much deeper level. Brittini encouraged me with no pressure to address things step by step, and she was kind and supportive voice that assured me I was okay at every point along our journey She saved my sanity and restored my self-esteem after 25 years of anxiety and depression, all while never judging, preaching, or spending time on ineffective exercises. A tremendously positive experience.”

Client 2: “I was experiencing feelings of helplessness and anxiety after the sudden end of a serious relationship. I wasn’t able to piece myself together despite mourning for months. 

Brittini’s gentle guidance helped me gain confidence to pull myself out of a slump, and grasp on to tools  to change my thinking patterns. 

Her approach is kind, and she is highly receptive to words and to the information I shared, picking up on details, and I believe, understanding me as a person. 

We found a comfortable style of communication to fit my busy schedule. Brittini really shared some great resources which I think really made a huge difference how I now and forever approach difficult scenarios, and calm my anxiety. 

I very much appreciated our structured communication. Brittini made sure to set up a longer-term plan in order to have goals to work towards. I felt very much comfortable opening up to Brittini, and I really looked forward to her words. 

My experience with Brittini has truly been a life-changing one.” 

Client 3: “Months ago when I chose therapy with Brittini, I had no idea what I was getting into. And I was a little apprehensive. But now as the year end rolls by I can safely say choosing her was one of the best decisions of my life. Brittini has helped in more ways than I can thank her for and that I will forever be indebted to her. She has given me a new positive outlook to life. She has gifted me secure confidence. Her lessons, approach, and outlook is so warm, genuine, empathetic, and sincere that you will never feel like this is clinical. If you are looking for real self growth to unlock your potential, you have found the right person.”

Client 4: “Brittini is so good at receiving and listening to what I say without judging. She always gives positive and encouraging feedback and it’s been really helpful. She is also consistent with our check-in times. She’s very genuine which I feel is a necessity in a therapist.”

Client 5: “Brittini gives me tasks and encourages me to take the steps in the right direction without ever seeming pushy or demanding.” 

Student 1:I have had such a great time getting to know Brittani as a friend and yoga instructor. She has such a great vibe and I love going to her classes because she does a great job of breaking down each yoga pose. I love how she will demonstrate the poses and help you align your body correctly.”

Student 2:I am so grateful to have been able to be a part of Carter Therapy. Brittini is professional and very knowledgeable on all things yoga. I arrived to class and was welcomed by a calming lavender aroma, peaceful background music and encouraging place cards designed to keep you grounded with positivity. Brittini guided us through every pose in a very beginner friendly manner as we overlooked a lovely pool on a calmly lit back patio. I am impressed with her knowledge on prenatal yoga and would also recommend her classes to all moms-to-be. Find peace and positivity with a relaxing evening, instructed by one of the best. Thank you Brittini! Highly recommend.

Student 3: “Brittini offers an environment for yogis with all experience levels to come together for a great practice.  In Brittini’s space, I’m able to receive and give encouragement, support and laughter. She challenges me to try new poses and to give myself grace when I can’t quite reach.  That grace helps me stretch a little farther in the next session. I leave Brittini’s classes feeling well physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Student 4: “Brittini has seamlessly coupled her yoga training with her background as a therapist, for a unique and well rounded yoga experience. Brittini uses clear and easy follow directives, while creating an atmosphere of safety and personal growth. Having practiced yoga for 18 years, I can attest Brittini’s classes are some of the best I’ve ever taken.”