Balanced and Aligned Coaching Packages

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With Holistic Life Coaching, we will work on Balance and Alignment in the areas that matter most to you. I envision you feeling supported and seen through a warm, yet accountable environment. The days of waiting until your next appointment are over. Guidance and encouragement will be just a phone call away, with the freedom to have contact with me at your convenience. 


Services Offered:

  • 1.5 hour Initial Assessment 
  • 1-1 Sessions (virtual) 
  • 1-1 Yoga (virtual)
  • Tailored Plan with Flexibility
  • Weekly Intention Setting
  • Accountability Calls 


Program Specialties: 

  • Relationships and dating (including divorce) 
  • General holistic health
  • Co-parenting/parenting
  • Purpose finding - finding Higher True Self
  • More than a Mother (finding balance after becoming a mother)
  • Adulting made easy 
  • Professional development
  • Aligning purpose in day-to-day life
  • Creating a balanced life
  • High-level communication skills
  • Guidance on how to interact with difficult people/situations
  • Healthy body image
  • Putting Self first (without feeling guilty)
  • Tailored programs based on individual needs


Who is this for?

  • People who have previously been in therapy or in the maintenance phase of therapy, but would like to work on higher enrichment in life (fine tune your quality of life)
  • Someone looking to enhance a particular area in their life (see Program Specialties for topics)
  • People with busy/demanding schedules who need flexible options with high-quality services
  • People who want to create a vision for their life
  • People who know what to do but need an accountability partner
  • People who are in healing/helping professions and/or have a high-demanding lifestyle



  • Programs are tailored to your needs
  • Self-improvement through a holistic lens, free from labels
  • Action-oriented plans 
  • Professional Coach at your fingertips
  • Flexibility in when and how often you have sessions
  • Finally reaching those broader goals
  • Getting closer to Self-Actualization 
  • Living a more grounded life