Systematic Oppression and Collective Trauma

How are you expected to feel safe in a world that sees the color of your skin as a threat? Every time a person of color dies and we find out about it, people of color are forced to grieve the loss of our brothers and sisters, and the loss of our safety simultaneously. For the sake of our mental health it is important to understand how to process and manage these traumatic experiences.

Consider the options below as ways you can manage the emotions you are feeling…

  • Acknowledge that what has happened is horrendous and intolerable! Identify your anger.

  • Acknowledge that your feelings of anger are the “tip of the iceberg” and rooted in fear, helplessness, pain, sadness, and anxiety.

  • Understand that social media and news may trigger traumatic responses, check in with yourself before watching/reading disturbing news.  You may ask yourself, “Do I have the capacity to read this?”

  • Lastly focus on things that bring you joy, peace and security. It’s healthy to take breaks and refill your cup with self care activities (yoga, meditation,etc). 


Remember you belong here, you have the right to take up space! 

You are Strong, You are Capable and You are MORE than ENOUGH!

-B. Carter

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