The Many Benefits of Journaling

Keeping a journal doesn't mean you have to write pages and pages every day. It's your personal space to express yourself in any way you wish.

Here are some benefits to journaling:

  • Track your moods in order to self-regulate and find triggers 
  • Track your physical health to pinpoint factors that can be causing good and bad days
  • Make pro and con lists when you're having trouble with a decision
  •  Keep special memories vivid for years to come
  • Get secrets off of your chest safely
  • List things you are grateful for, so you can reflect back when you're having a bad day
  • Manifest the life you want to have

Journaling helps improve overall well-being by providing a space for you to be completely honest with yourself and write your truth. It can also highlight negative self-talk, so you can reframe your thoughts and grow as an individual. By writing out your problems, you can troubleshoot from another perspective and learn from those experiences.

I know what you're thinking. Who has the time? These days, there are many journal-style apps to choose from. Your thoughts are kept private and right at your fingertips for easy additions as the moment strikes you. Most apps even let you talk-to-text. No writing/typing/texting required!

We're all busy, but setting aside just a few minutes a day can change your outlook for the better. Isn't it worth it in the long run?

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