Start Something New This Holiday Season!

Making a new tradition in your family is a great way to get everyone in the festive spirit and matching pajama sets seem to be all the rage right now! But sometimes, the holidays can make our bank accounts a little smaller than we'd hope.

Here are some other ways to start new holiday traditions with the fam that won't hurt your wallet! And hey, why not share your family's loving spirit with others while you're at it!

  1. Baking holiday treats to give to neighbors and friends! Sugar cookie sheets are pretty cheap. With a little food coloring, sugar and flavoring, you can make a lot of different frosting designs! Plus, that's quality family time, my friend!
  2. Make your own tree decorations! DIY holiday decorations are a blast to make! With platforms like Pinterest, making your holiday special is super easy and fun!
  3. Play holiday hide-and-seek! Or even make it a scavenger hunt! As a family, choose the item that will be hidden. Every evening (for as long as you want to play), a different family member will hide that item and watch the rest of the family find it! Make it extra special by creating clues to find the special hidden gem! 
  4. Make them work for their presents! When I was a kid, my mom switched up the nametags on our gifts, so everyone had to guess which gift went to whom without opening it! It turned into a mess of laughter and great memories! We'll never forget that Christmas!
  5. Volunteer at a homeless shelter! A wonderful way to give back that costs nothing but your time. At the end of the day, you'll feel like a millionaire - guarantee it!
  6. Offer to put up decorations for others in need! Disabilities can make decorating for the holidays a stressful task for some. Offer your time to lift someone else's spirit!
  7. Christmas Eve camping! Ok, not REAL camping. (Unless you're into that sort of thing!) Encourage the kids to make their sleeping area into a campground on Christmas Eve! Sheets make the tent walls, lights make the campfire, and you make the fun! 

No matter which new traditions you come up with, spending time with your family is truly the best gift of all. Happy Holidays!


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Great suggestions thank you!! Merry Christmas 🎄

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