Four Steps to Making Goals

Where am I today? 

Where are you today? What are your strengths, how can you cultivate them to help you achieve your vision for the future? What are your limitations or challenges? Which ones need attention? 

A well balanced person is not perfect in all areas, they recognize their strengths and limitations and operate from a place of truth. Maybe you have a few limitations that deserve no attention but there is one you could improve upon. Being truthful with yourself and processing with a therapist will help you find out what well balanced looks like for you.

 How can I get out of my own way? 

 How can you get out of your own way when setting an intention/goal? .

 Sometimes we are our biggest obstacle to change, whether it’s self doubt, all or nothing thinking or comparing ourselves to others. .

 Fear of change will keep you stagnant... Ask yourself what you fear about change and combat those thoughts with facts!

What is your why?

Goals and intentions should align with your passion/purpose. When we try to change to meet others (family, friends, society) standards of who we should be, we are sure to fail long term. .

 Who is benefiting off our goals? 

 The final question to ask yourself is what is your why? Are you trying to be skinny/fit or loving your body through nutrition and an active lifestyle? 

Do you want to make more money to buy more stuff or do you want to craft a life of contentment with the moments you create. .

 My suggestion is to find out where you want to be, visualize what that looks like, ask yourself why it resonates with you then once that’s all sorted out craft small objectives to focus on in your day to day. It’s easier to make choices/decisions when you have your why! .

 If this process seems challenging/overwhelming to you, you are not alone,  this is the year you place your mental health as a priority. Reach out to a therapist to help you. You don’t have to have it all sorted out by tomorrow..

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