February is all about LOVE!

With January behind us and February 2023 making its debut, we can all expect to be bombarded with Valentine's Day content on our screens. Well, this is not that kind of blog post! Here at Carter Therapy we believe that although healthy romantic love is important, platonic love and the love we have for ourselves are just as important, and in some cases should take priority. While talking with one of our clinicians, Ivy, about this topic, I felt that she needed to share her knowledge with you this month. Here’s what she had to say about Self Love and maintaining a strong and positive relationship with yourself.

Having a strong and positive relationship with yourself can help you feel more confident, fulfilled, and content. Here are six benefits:

  1.     Self Love is part of nurturing a positive relationship with yourself. This also includes setting boundaries, trusting your instincts, and being kind to yourself when you make mistakes.
  2.     If you can appreciate and love yourself, then you can love others.
  3.     Relationship with self helps you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which is reflected in how you interact with the world.
  4.     Relationship with self is the foundation for all other relationships in life. When we develop a strong relationship with ourselves, it allows us to develop healthier relationships with others.
  5.     The way you view and feel about yourself impacts the energy you put out and what you attract and manifest in your life.
  6.     Being in a good relationship with yourself means you are taking good care of yourself and living life with more positive thoughts.

We truly hope that your New Year has started out the way you desire and you have enjoyed reading Ivy’s six benefits to having a strong and positive relationship with yourself. If you want more information about how to practice Self Love and develop a positive relationship with yourself, feel free to reach out to us at info@cartertherapyllc.com.

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