Changing The Narrative

The current status of the world is full of uncertainties. You can have feelings that are overwhelming and scary. When you start feeling that you are overwhelmed and feel emotionally out of control there is something you can do about it. I recommend that you focus your attention on the things in your life that they can control. One of the methods that I suggest is the GLAD Exercise, a mindfulness practice. The instructions are the following: 

Sometimes our minds get in a rut of only noticing the negative. Once this pattern is established it takes intentional action to correct the cycle. This exercise will help train your brain to notice the brighter things in life. I challenge you to do this every day.

  • G - List one thing you are grateful for today
  • L - List one thing you have learned today
  • A - List one thing you have accomplished
  • D - List one thing you have taken delight in

At first this may seem like an impossible task but with practice you will succeed.

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Great post, and simple to remember. Thank you for sharing this!

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