Elevate Therapy Group - Starting July 6th!

Carter Therapy is introducing a new virtual group for girls in grades 9-12, to create and support a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. This is a community where teens encourage each other and understand that they are not alone. Participants in the Elevate Therapy Group know that whatever challenge they may struggle with, their peers have faced, or are facing, the same challenges.

Focus of the group

Over the course of six weeks, group members will explore topics such as self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and physical and emotional wellness. Activities and other discussion topics will be determined based upon the expressed interests of the group. This is a private group, and all content is confidential.

Upon completion of this six week program, teens will:

  • Develop increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve communication skills
  • Gain increased social confidence in their daily lives
  • Learn valuable tools to cope with stressors and problems
  • Gain awareness regarding themselves, their relationships and social environments
  • Develop more confidence to be themselves
  • Learn to problem solve in a way that challenges them to look at their issues from a different perspective

If your teen girl is struggling with social or emotional issues, group therapy may be a beneficial option for them. When teens can share the difficulties they go through freely and safely with peers, they feel better and are able to believe in themselves and their future. Participants often leave group therapy with increased confidence and improved communication skills. Most importantly, teens are grateful to have a welcoming environment to express themselves. 

$175 for all six sessions. First session begins July 6th!